Join our Wet Lab at VOS 

February 11th, 2019 Breckenridge, Colorado!

Presented by: Biovision Veterinary Endoscopy and Owl Manor Veterinary 

Faculty: Chad Devitt DVM, Kristin Kirkby Shaw DVM, and Sam Franklin DVM

Maximum Attendees: 12 (3 work stations of 4)

VOS Wet Lab

About the Lab

Lead the way and learn the latest arthroscopic diagnostic surgical technique, “NeedleOscopy” and biologic intra-articular administration under visualization.  The purpose of this wet lab is to familiarize veterinarians with the ease maneuvering a 1.2mm (18-guage) needle arthroscope in a joint, processing autologous point-of-care devices, and applying autologous protein solution under visualization.  The lab will focus on performing joint lameness diagnostics, blood processing through a newly available point-of-care device, and arthroscopic guided administration under visualization on canine cadavers.

Many advances in canine musculoskeletal diagnostic imaging have been made in the past years with the use of MRI and improved ultrasound machines. Unfortunately, many times radiographic images don’t show the problem because they show very little soft tissue, which is a common cause of stifle soreness.  The NeedleView scope modality has helped practitioners to improve the ability to obtain a definitive diagnosis so that they could determine the appropriate treatment plan.  A complete joint exploratory and / or administration of an autologous protein solution can be performed in a few minutes without general anesthesia on a canine while the canine patient is sedated and the joint locally blocked.  This procedure obviates the need for general anesthesia surgical procedure, but in some cases, routine arthroscopy is required.  The procedure allows the surgeon to document intraarticular findings to determine the best course of treatment. Pro-Stride APS is a proprietary dual-device system whose output produces a concentrated solution of cells, platelets, growth factors, and anti-inflammatory proteins. The output of the device is all-natural (from the patient’s own blood), has clinically demonstrated effectiveness, and is convenient (no incubation, <20-minute processing, ambulatory).

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   Chad Devitt                                  Kristin Kirkby Shaw                                              Sam Franklin



9:30 AM: Product Overview and Brief Q&A


10:30 AM: Break into working groups – Diagnostic arthroscopy of hip, stifle, shoulder, elbow


11:30 AM: Working Lunch – Incorporating diagnostic arthroscopy and regenerative medicine devices into your practice


12:30 PM: Performing joint infusions using manual palpation techniques


1:30 PM: Performing joint infusions using musculoskeletal diagnostic arthroscopy technique

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