Tim Ober, DVM

Gordonsville, VA

“Restigen PRP is a unique product in a marketplace full of other systems similar to each other but not similar to this particular PRP system. Pro-Stride is a novel biologic / regenerative joint therapy for horses that represents a significant advancement over other commercial regenerative joint therapies. The Owl Manor Veterinary products allow us to progress in the quality of our practice and help horses in a better way. Pro-Stride is a unique, drug-free therapy. We are still using “conventional treatment” for joints, but the Pro-Stride gives us an often better option for healing and represents the future direction of joint therapy in horses.”

Richard D. Mitchell, DVM, MRCVS, Diplomate, ACVSMR

Newtown, CT (USA)

“I have had excellent results with the ProStride product. It has proven to be well tolerated and very effective in reducing joint inflammation, especially in chronic conditions. It is now my "go to" product for management of recurrent inflammation in high motion joints. I have also seen excellent results with intra-tendinous and intra-ligamentous injections with healing responses that are impressive. The product preparation is straightforward and controlled in such a manner that leaves little opportunity for contamination and subsequent problems.”

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Dr. Nick Kleider, DVM, DACVSMR, ISELP Cert.

Langley, Canada

"Kleider Veterinary Services has been using Owl Manor’s regenerative products for several years now.  Pro-Stride is a great product that combines the benefits of platelet rich plasma and interleukin antagonist protein into one.  Advantages? We don’t have to do repetitive injections like we had to with IRAP therapy. We also have been able to replace a great portion of our cortisone injections with this product which is actually promoting the healing process. This has allowed our clients to feel good about having joint Injections done on their horses and appreciate the difference.


The Restigen PRP kits or CenTrate Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate kits are very handy and great therapy for tendon/ligament injuries.


It is not uncommon during arthroscopic surgery to discover critical areas denuded of articular cartilage. Time is a critical factor when the horse is anesthetized and the decision to acquire stem cells is frequently made only after arthroscopic observation. The ability to resurface cartilage with point of care therapy using the CenTrate BMA kits from Owl Manor is a distinct advantage."

Monty McInturff, DVM

Thompson’s Station, TN

“Pro-Stride is a wonderful tool to manage joint pain and promote healing in equine athletes!”​

Carole Holland, DVM

Juno Beach, FL

“As an equine veterinarian who specializes in alternative care, I am always investigating new products that heal and help the horses without harming them. When Pro-Stride was introduced to me, I was anxious to try it as a joint injection alternative, mainly because of it’s convenience to my mobile practice. As I began to see the amazing clinical healing results in my client’s horses - 4-year-olds to 20-year-olds, I was convinced this product needed to be my first choice for joint injection therapy. With the quick return to sport and only sedation as a medication, the lack of negative reactions in the joints, and the total procedure taking only 30 minutes, I am convinced Pro-Stride is on the leading edge to the future care in our equine athletes.

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Tom Hutchins, DVM, Diplomate ABVP

Weatherford, TX

“As a long-time equine sports medicine veterinarian, I have used several regenerative medicine modalities. ProStride and Restigen PRP therapies have been a definite cut-above the rest. Ease of preparation and its ability to be administered stall side within a matter of minutes has been a great advantage. Customer satisfaction is tremendous and the patient response has been very rewarding.”

Laura Stokes-Greene, DVM

Vernon, NY

"Keeping sport horses in top athletic condition requires a multi-pronged approach.

Pro-Stride is the most common biologic I use in maintaining chronic lameness cases.

After using it in hundreds of joints, I view Pro-Stride as a great primary or adjunctive therapy to steroid and HA for arthritis."

Jaime Horner, DVM, CVA

Afton, MN

"I have been very pleased to be able to offer such a superior joint therapy to my clients that can combat inflammation and contribute to regeneration without the negative side effects of steroids.  The ease of administering the product and the positive results I have had, have made my client and patient satisfaction very rewarding with both the Prostride and Restigen."

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Hugh Worsham, DVM

Atlanta, GA

“I began using Pro-Stride APS in my practice last year as soon as it became available. I had already had great success with it when referring two cases to Dr. Bertone at Ohio State prior to its commercial release. One was a show hunter and the other a show jumper. Both had been competing at the AA level. Both these horses had joint disease as confirmed by MRI and neither had responded well to conventional therapy. Both returned to showing two months post-APS injection. The hunter even had a second MRI to confirm healing of a previously found cartilage defect in his coffin joint. Since its commercial release, I have treated 42 joints in as many horses and am very pleased with the results, as are my clients. All indications are that APS is safe and effective, and I feel fortunate to have this product in my arsenal to combat Equine Joint Disease.”

Ryan D. Rothenbuhler DVM, Diplomate ACVS

Columbia City, IN

“The biggest indication that Owl Manor Veterinary products were the right choice in my equine patients was when I stopped recommending steroids for joint therapy and almost exclusively started using Pro-Stride, Restigen PRP, and CenTrate BMA. With the ability to perform the collection and processing stable side within 20 minutes, these products give our practice the ability to provide instant impact for our clients and horses. These Autologous Cellular Therapies provide higher cell concentrations and protein concentrations than other comparable products and that has shown in our patients' outcomes.”

Mark Akin, DVM

Collierville, TN

“I incorporated OM products into my practice almost 2 years ago. Having the ability to use a superior therapy stable side is a no-brainer. Clients appreciate the same day treatment and the elimination of the need for multiple intraarticular injections. That said, I wouldn't use it if it didn't work. I think the Owl Manor line of products (specifically Pro-Stride) are superior to anything we have to treat our Equine Athletes.

Joe King, DVM

Virden, Canada

"Pro-Stride has become an instrumental part of our equine practice. We use this product in many cases where a joint or  soft-tissue injury has been diagnosed or suspected and have seen drastic improvements in soundness grades over a short period of time, approximately 7 days in most cases.  The Pro-Stride system has been a very important tool in managing cases of lameness in horses where corticosteroids are contra-indicated such as PPID, metabolic syndrome, pregnant mares or breeding stallions. Cases of Podotrochlear Syndrome(Navicular Disease) or caudal heel pain have been more manageable for our practice when Pro-Stride has been used in the coffin joint and podotrochlear bursa. These treatments have been most successful when combined with therapeutic farrier work and appropriate rehabilitation programs."

Dr. Sarah Peters, VMD

Appleton, WI

“Nadine is an 8-year-old Quarter Horse mare used for Western Pleasure showing. Nadine had undergone a personality change under saddle over the past 2-3 months prior to evaluation and would constantly be swishing her tail and tossing her head and was quite unpleasant to ride. Watching her move initially, she was moderately lame in both hind limbs, with her left hind being worse than the right at the trot. She was initially worse picking up her right lead, in which the left hind is the leg to initiate the stride and provide the impulsion and power for the gait, and she was stiff in her hind end at the canter, held her head to the outside, swished her tail and flattened her ears. An abaxial block (mid-fetlock through the hoof) resulted in a 50% improvement. Desensitizing the rest of the fetlock with a low 4-point block resulted in a 90% improvement in the left hind and the right hind lameness became more pronounced. Additionally, she stopped swishing her tail, held her ears forward, and overall seemed much calmer and more relaxed. Radiographs of the fetlock showed mild thickening of proximal, lateral aspect of P1 at the lateral collateral ligament insertion. No other significant abnormalities were noted. Ultrasound of the fetlock and pastern revealed no soft tissue injuries and it was recommended to treat the fetlock directly. Given the mare’s young age and that the radiographs did not reveal marked bony change or loss of cartilage, regenerative therapy was recommended and the owners elected to have 2 injections of Pro-Stride into both fetlocks, 3 weeks apart. There was a significant improvement in her quality of movement after the first injection and the owners and trainer reported that after the second she was transformed into a different horse. The tail swishing under saddle disappeared, the canter was an even and smooth 3 beat gait again, and her muscle quality over her haunches and top line improved. Nadine returned to the show ring and did very well this season!”

Robert H Koontz, DVM

Columbia City, IN

“Restigen PRP relieves pain and inflammation longer than traditional joint therapy. It is the first joint therapy that I have used that actually helps the joint heal. I use it almost exclusively in inflamed high-motion joints.”

Tyler Troop, DVM

Thackerville, OK

"Pro-Stride has allowed me to provide exceptional treatment to horses with joint injuries, generalized synovitis, and various other tendon and ligament injuries in a much more timely fashion than previously available therapies. The results have been exceptional with numerous different injuries and it seems to maintain the horse for an extended period of time between injections. The ease of preparation makes it very helpful when using it at a horse show or while on the road. Great product with great results!!"

Harry J. Markwell, BVSc, DACVS-LA

WestVETS Equine Hospital (Australia)

"Pro-Stride has been a great addition for our practice in Australia, providing us an effective option for stall side, at the time, regenerative joint treatment. The long-lasting clinical improvement has been taken on board quickly by our clients with the results speaking for themselves. Pro-Stride has now become our go-to regenerative option for treatment of high motion joints our sport horse population. As an equine surgeon, I’ve also been incredibly impressed with clinical benefits as a post-arthroscopy treatment, following identification and debridement of large cartilage defects. We have also seen excellent clinical and radiographic improvement when incorporating Pro-Stride into our treatment plan for clinical subchondral bone cysts in the stifle, fetlock, and pastern."

Elle Woolley, Professional Rider

Wellington, FL

"I imported a very promising young dressage horse at the end of 2017. We started developing him slowly without pressure, but unfortunately luck was against us and he turned up lame about six months after I bought him with a hind lateral branch suspensory lesion. I treated it aggressively, using stem cell, shockwave, and a multitude of therapies to bring him back to soundness. I even sent him to a physical therapy center for sport horses for the better part of 2018. The horse returned to me sound after the 2018 circuit, but unfortunately his ligament had not incorporated the stem cells correctly and since he was then very fit and high energy but still on low work and stall rest, he reopened his tear in quick succession. I was introduced to a new product in the spring of 2019 through a very respectable sporthorse vet. Pro-Stride, she said, was an advanced form of PRP. It used the horses own blood platelets to heal the body naturally. I was fortunate to link up with the company who produces Pro-Stride, and we injected my horse’s ligament at the injury site. The interesting results are as follows: after the horse was sound using stem cells, his old injury still did not show fiber alignment and good elasticity. This could be the reason behind reinjury. After using Pro-Stride, he showed significant improvement in ligament integrity, and after only five months he’s sound to trot and have turnout. The important factor here is how the ligament heals, rather than length of time. My horse is still healing, with clear improvement each ultrasound. His stifles has also become inflamed due to prolonged stall rest so I decided to use Pro-Stride in them too. As of this week, he’s down to a 1/5 lameness, and I’m very optimistic he will be sound for the coming season. The quality of his healing has astounded my vets and trainer. We are true believers of Pro-Stride! Thank you Owl Manor for bringing such a powerful tool to the table to restore soundness in competition horses!"

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Kasey Perry, Olympian, United States Dressage Team

Wellington, FL

“As a top International Dressage rider, the care of my horses bodies is my top priority. Pro-Stride has been a game changer for all my horses. Not only is it providing them with a competitive edge, it is helping their bodies regenerate and heal in a natural way. It puts my mind at ease knowing I am not injecting with steroids that can cause negative side effects or infections. In addition, the turn out time from injection to back under the saddle and in work is much less! I am Pro-Stride believer!”

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Mary Walker-Professional Barrel Racer

Ennis, TX

"My horse “Latte” suffered a high rear Suspensory injury. After checking into our options we chose Pro-Stride and CenTrate Bone Marrow from Owl Veterinary. We are sound and back on the road. Thank you Pro-Stride for being there."

Joseph Coleman, Sargeant/K-9 Handler

Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Office

"K-9 Ajax is a 5 year old German Shepherd working dog.  He is a dual purpose police K-9.  In early spring of 2018, I started to notice some footing issues with Ajax where he was losing his footing on sharp turns.  This progressed into June where his hips actually locked up on him for a brief period and he could not use them.  X-rays confirmed that Ajax has hip dysplasia and mild/moderate arthritis in both hips causing the issues.  There was also belief that he may have some knee issues as well.  During this time I noticed that Ajax was lacking power in his back end and was becoming thin in the hips.  His jumps were not as high as they once were and his speed was not there.  We tried several different things including rest, Galliprant, Cosequin, Adequan injections, and protein powder to help with the weight.  All of these things seemed to help a little with the Adequan being the most effective but very short lived.  In talking with a friend who is a veterinarian she brought up doing Pro-Stride injections.  After doing some research on my own and seeing no real down side to this procedure I opted to have this done on Ajax.


On October 17, 2018 we had the Pro-Stride injections done.  I have also kept him on the Galliprant, Cosequin, and Adequan.  The difference maker was the Pro-Stride!  Since his injections, he has gained back so much more power in the hips, his speed is back and his overall activity level is up.  His jumps have returned to normal height.  There is not the long recovery time after training that we were experiencing pre-injection.  This has helped him back to normal and back to working which he loves.  This past week we went through some very rigorous training involving several strenuous evolutions.  Ajax was able to perform these at a top level and had no after effects. His recovery time was normal and his activity level maintained.


While I think that these other medications have helped, Pro-Stride was the difference maker in getting Ajax back to a full workload."

Jeni Cerise, Professional Barrel Racer

Grand Junction, CO

“I have been in competitive barrel racing since age 10 and currently competing at the WPRA/PRCA level.  Over the past 10 years, it has been a battle to keep sound my 19-year old mare, Te.  She’s fragile but tough as nails. With a goal of keeping Te comfortable and semi-retired, my vet, Dr. Carole Holland, introduced me to Pro-Stride in 2017.  As we started treating her with Pro-Stride, we noticed her condition getting better, not only physically but emotionally too. She started meeting me at the gate again and kept her weight on.

After my mare, Annie (my number one barrel horse) was unable to compete, Te had to take her spot in the Denver Stock Shows.  To our surprise, Te ended up in the top 20 at age 19. For the first time in her 10-year career with me, she stayed on feed, met me every time at her stall door, and walked in the gate probably the best I have ever seen her do.  We continued competing in other rodeos where she pulled checks at almost all of them, including placing 3rd overall in a 300+ barrel race. It's was like she was a completely different horse. I have never seen her so happy, sound, and pain free! The best I have ever had her compete in our entire career together and a whole year without injury or going lame. Pro-Stride gave me another full year to compete on her and not only that gave another year as of now to keep competing with her at almost 20-years of age.

Annie’s injury was a torn suspensory on her left front leg.  Dr. Holland also used Pro-Stride on Annie as a recommended best course of treatment for her injury.  Every month we ultra-sounded her to see how her healing process was going. By 3 months we saw the tear was almost gone and she was sound enough to start walking her. At 5 months to our amazement and utter shock Annie was completely healed!!! I don't think any of us could believe it or grasp that she healed not only that sound! Then she went straight to rehab and 7 months I was back to riding and ready to compete. No doubt in any of our minds that if it wasn't for Pro-Stride, Annie would not be back to competing this soon and completely HEALED! In fact, my friends horse tore her suspensory a month before Annie did and it is sadly still not healed or sound. He is going to use Pro-Stride now.

All in all, I'm so thankful for Carole Holland introducing Pro-Stride because it has been life changing for me and my horses. I haven't looked back or thought about it twice since. I will not treat my horses with anything else but Pro-Stride!”

Heather Chapman, Horse Owner

Velvet Rose- "Maggie"

I purchased Maggie in March 2017. She has been a competitive Event horse since 2007. Due to her demanding, extensive career as a Novice and Training level event horse, Maggie has previously been receiving bi-annual routine joint injections in her hocks and stifles. After I listened to Emily’s presentation on Equine Pro-Stride, I was extremely interested and excited to have this procedure performed by my veterinarian on Maggie as a preventive measure and alternative joint maintenance plan for the up coming event season.  In February 2018, Dr Sutter evaluated Maggie’s inconsistent 3/5 unsoundness and decided to inject Maggie’s left stifle (Medial Femorotibial joint) with Pro-Stride APS. The results have been incredible!! This mare and I have finished in the top 3 at the last Horse trial at the Novice level, Thoroughbred Incentive Program (TIP) High Point Thoroughbred, Mill Creek Team Champion member, she is clearing 4’foot jumps with ease, has qualified for the 2018 American Eventing Championships and there is discussion of being able to compete her at the Preliminary level in the near future! I’m so thrilled with her soundness, comfort level, and boldness level when being ridden for Dressage and Jumping. 


Carol Cohen-Hodess, Horse and Dog Owner

Wellington, FL

“My dog Tigger is a 14 year old Mastiff mix. He has had 3 ACL surgeries and has a heart condition. He could barely walk because of all the bone spurs in his front elbows that had been overworked by dragging his hind legs. I have used Pro-Stride for 7 years since it was first introduced to me by Dr Carole Holland, my equine vet.  I do not use any other product for my horses joint injections EVER!

We thought why not Tigger?  Last Fall, we brought the product and centrifuge to Dr Stephanie Johnson my small animal vet and she injected him with Pro-Stride. Less than 24 hours later, there was a profound change in his ability to support himself. Despite contemplating some difficult decisions prior to using Pro-Stride, Tiggs was rejuvenated!  He actually jumped up when he saw my husband. 

His age and heart condition do slow him down, but THANKS TO PRO-STRIDE!!, Tigger has a new outlook.   I will use PRO-STRIDE for all of my pets, Equine and Canine!  Thank you Pro-Stride for giving life back to my precious Tigger.”

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Chrissy Laughlin, Horse Owner

Isabela, PR

“I recently adopted a 5-year-old off the track thoroughbred who retired from a promising racing career because of fetlock fracture that resulted in Osteoarthritis. My veterinarian recommended Pro-Stride as a drug-free, long-term option to address his chronic lameness. I’m thrilled to report that a few weeks after the treatment I was finally able to ride Concerto Bello and his gaits were incredible! Most of all, I am so thrilled that he is pain-free and I no longer have to rely on pharmaceuticals with harmful side effects!”

Rachel Huerkamp, Barrel Racer

Delta, CO

"I have a mare who has bad arthritis in her back. No injection or therapy seemed to help with the pain for her. Then I tried Pro-Stride and the results were incredible. Since then I have used Pro-Stride on a front ankle and hocks and had positive results. Some of my horse's issues have been completely resolved by using this product. This is not just a short-term improvement, my horses are getting long-term relief.  My mare is now competing better than ever and I have won several barrel races since using Pro-Stride. Pro-Stride is a revolutionary product that not only eliminates pain but heals."

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Joan Clement, Barrel Racer

Royal, AK

“After using Pro-Stride two years ago on my horse Cash for a navicular injury, it’s been green light ever since.  We tried other treatment options but nothing seemed to really help.  Cash is my number one and I need to have him going.  I’m thrilled with the outcome from using Pro-Stride.  Thank you for having a terrific product.  It’s really helped my horse and that means the world to me.”

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Jane Cyphers, Amateur Jumper

Denver, CO

"Jazzy Al is a 17-year old war-horse thoroughbred.  After 40 races by age 7, he found a new career as a 1.30 show jumper. At just 13 years old his owner ran short on time and Al headed out to an early retirement. In late 2015,


I had the opportunity to take this spunky chestnut under my care as a 15-year-old. After a year of getting him back in shape, he was finally jumping .95 meter.  I could tell something wasn’t right. No one could see it but I could feel something in his right hind.  April of 2017 he jumped just over 1.0 meter and he ended up dead lame the next day.  He flexed a 4 on his right stifle.  With diagnostics including joint block and ultrasound, he showed effusion, synovitis, bone spurs and a compressed joint space.  We made the decision to Pro-Stride his right stifle April 14th.  Within 10 days he was moving more smoothly.  At 24 days, I could not believe the freedom of movement underneath me.   All his connections said he had never looked this good before.  We attended a jumper clinic in mid-May and schooled a 1.25 triple bar!  He hasn’t had a bad step since!

He went on to have a fantastic re-debut in the AA Summer in the Rockies II, placing 4th of 18 in the $2000 Low Adult Jumper Classic!  He consistently places in Classics, Mini-Prix and 1.05 Low Adult Jumper division.  Jazzy Al is the leading contender for the year-end division championship!  Even better than that, he is happy and more comfortable in his job and at play.

Upon examination in mid-August, my sports medicine vet palpated his right stifle saying there was no effusion and the joint was tight! Everyone knows a thoroughbred has heart but a Pro-Strided thoroughbred has the joints to go with it!  I can firmly say Jazzy Al and all my future horses will only get Pro-Stride Joint Therapy.  Only the best for my partners!"

Megan King

Warsaw, IN

“Hip dysplasia hasn't slowed her down since her Pro-Stride injections. We have seen such drastic improvement in her pain, recovery time after exercise, and her overall activity. It's been amazing. Since she's had the injections, she's lost about ten pounds due to her ability to be more active and she is our happy Weimaraner again."

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Carole Hoffman, Professional Rider

Wellington, FL

“After using Pro-Stride on my Hunter that I was showing at WEF 2017, I noticed that she moved and jumped better following treatment. The very next horse show I competed her in, she won all 4 jumping classes of her division and was awarded Champion!  As I told Dr. Carole Holland, it proved that all you need is a good horse and Pro-Stride to help her be the best she can be!”

Suzie Haynes Halle, USDF Bronze, Silver, Gold Medalist, Grand Prix Competitor on self-trained World ranked Tennyson-ISF

Englewood, CO

"When you produce your horse from a 7-year-old training level to Grand Prix competitor, each day, week by week, year over year, you feel and see every single change in their body. There have been many causes for great celebration along the way, and of course sometimes moments of concern. Tenny is 17. This is our 4th year competing Grand Prix together.  Now that I know how effective Pro-Stride treatments can be when combined with careful exercise regimens, I now will request Pro-Stride as the first option to be considered by our doctors. Keeping my horses fit and eager for their workouts and competitions is of paramount importance. After Pro-Stride, there are movements Tenny had found to be more challenging that now come with ease. To feel my horse continue to improve and see him looking forward to his workouts with a bright eye and deep pride, at this level of work, at 17, means the world to me. Philosophically, I love that the treatment is regenerative, unlike steroids, so it's repairing any damage, not breaking it down."

Laura Alfino, Round-Up H.O.P.E

Temecula, CA

“Round-Up H.O.P.E’s lesson horse Tommy has arthritis in his front knees, he was off and on sound every lesson day and the kids missed riding him when he wasn’t sound. So after contacting Owl Manner Veterinary, they were kind enough to help us out and give us the information and everything we needed to go on with the injections. After receiving the Pro-Stride injection, Tommy now moves with ease. He was stiff before he received the injections, but after two weeks of slowly getting back to full work we have seen such a difference in everything - his mood as well as his movement. He now moves freely and without pain thanks to the Pro-Stride injection! Thank you Owl Manor Veterinary!”  Video Link

Miranda Fischer, Dressage Rider

New York, NY

"When Dr. Laura Stokes-Green approached me about using Pro-Stride for my 11-year-old Dutch Warmblood, I immediately thought that my horse really didn't need any veterinary work. However, his riding performance and work attitude had been sub-par lately. Since I trust Dr. Stokes-Green's advice completely, I thought, "well, can't hurt."

I am beyond impressed with the difference it has made in every aspect of my horse's training. He went from being difficult, defensive and spooky, to a happy and willing partner! Before Pro-Stride, we were struggling with the basics of training level. A few weeks after his treatment, we are working on the
third level! I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone wanting to help their horses be their very best!”

Lauren Sammis, Gold and Silver Medalist 2007 Pan American Games

Wellington, FL

"Pro-Stride has given DonVito a second chance.  As a professional dressage trainer, I have had the opportunity to ride so many horses.  When I was introduced to DonVito I knew that this horse was remarkable but was plagued by an old injury.  Dr. Mitchell thought that ProStride might be the product that could help him.  He was right!!  After several attempts with other products and a long lay off DonVito had not improved.  After ProStride every day has been better and better.  It's has been 7 months now and there hasn't been a hint of soreness.  It is a product that could truly change the whole industry. I and DonVito thank you!"

Kim Walnes, Rolex Trophy Winner (1982), Individual and Team Bronze Medals at 3-Day Eventing World Championships (1982), USET 3-Day Team (1980-1986)

Milford Square, PA

"Gideon Goodheart is a barefoot 24-year-old Connemara/Irish Sport horse stallion who developed bone on bone arthritis in a front fetlock.  His symptoms were sudden. Fine one day, dead lame at the walk the next. My lameness vet recommended using Pro-Stride, and after reading about it and hearing his stories, I agreed. Amazingly, Gideon showed real progress the next day! None of us expected that.  Progress was not linear, meaning that every day he improved, but sometimes something that had been better the day before was not as good the next day, though he might be able to do something new that he hadn't been able to do before. On day 11, however, everything came together and he marched out of his stall and the barn with all his enthusiasm back! Not even short strided! And each day afterward he continues to improve even more. Tomorrow will be two weeks after the procedure, and I'm so optimistic. Especially since it keeps on HEALING day by day. My vet said that this healing could last up to a year. I'm recommending Pro-Stride to everyone who has a joint issue with their horse, and I'm so grateful to have my horse feeling so much better."

Mariano Gonzalez Professional Polo Player

Goose Creek Polo Club

 “Over the past few years, I have heard about the positive results Pro-Stride has had on a teammate's polo ponies so I decided it would be a good treatment for my tournament horses who play high goal in multiple seasons of the year. In the short time since the horses were treated it has helped improve their performance."

Emily Lundstrom, RVT . - Rider/Owner

Valparaiso, IN

“At the end of 2015, my 4-year-old Appaloosa horse, Elliott, injured his right fetlock joint and the adjoining tendon sheath while in his stall. After 3 months of various treatments (stall rest, joint injections, shockwave, etc), Elliott's injuries and lameness persisted. Competing with him in the upcoming 2016 show season appeared unlikely. My veterinarian introduced me to Pro-Stride Advanced Joint Therapy as a treatment option for Elliott, describing it as a "super solution of platelets, healing proteins, and anti-inflammatory proteins" coming from the horses own blood. The decision to inject Elliott's joint and tendon sheath with Pro-Stride was quickly decided and the results were remarkable. In only 3 days he was walking sound, and at 1 weeks he was being conditioned under saddle. Elliott's turnaround allowed for competing in a rigorous 2016 show season, culminating at the 2016 Appaloosa World Show in Texas. Elliott's accomplishments at the 2016 Appaloosa World Show included a Reserve World Championship and several Top 10s! None of that would have been possible without the healing help of Pro-Stride!”

Marcia Kulak, Kulak Equestrian, International Rider and Trainer

Scotia, NY and Wellington, FL

"High-performance horses require the best in care and management. As a professional, I am always looking for a product that provides effective results with minimal risk. Pro-Stride Injection offers my veterinarian the very latest technology in joint therapy, not just a short-term improvement, but long-term joint repair without the potential side effects associated with corticosteroids. I trust Pro-Stride to safely and effectively help all my horses maintain their peak performance!”

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Maureen Brennan, National Champion Polo Player / Club Owner

Middleburg, VA

“My success is based mainly on my horse’s performance. Because of this, I am fastidious about their maintenance programs and an integral part of that program is Pro-Stride Injection. I have experienced simply amazing results with this innovative treatment. Some of my top horses that were too sore to play have experienced dramatic recoveries following treatment with ProStride. I will continue to implement Pro-Stride as part of my standard maintenance program in the future.”

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