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Restigen PRP

Platelet - Buffy Coat Concentration Device


Restigen PRP is a proprietary platelet isolation device maximizes platelet recovery / capture and concentration.

  • 90% platelet recovery / capture

  • 9X platelet concentration

  • 15-minute blood processing

  • All-Natural

Platelets Matter

Utilizing the Restigen PRP Device, platelets that travel through the bloodstream can be collected into a highly concentrated formula. When platelets become activated, growth factors are released which play a significant role in the natural healing, repair, and regeneration of soft and hard tissue like tendons, ligaments, muscles and bones.


PRP - Different by Design

Not all PRP is the same.  Platelets can vary between preparations in number and activation state.  Owl Manor's Restigen PRP Device consistently yields greater than 90% of platelets at a 9-fold concentration. This high level of platelets may be used for recruitment and proliferation of cells in the healing process.  In one short, simple spin, the Restigen PRP Device can efficiently capture a majority of the patient’s platelets. The dual buoy is tuned to the density between platelets and red blood cells. Under centrifugal force, the dual buoy will “float” within the tube to the interface point, collecting and trapping the platelet-rich layer between the bottom and top buoys. Regardless of the hematocrit of the patient, the Restigen PRP Device can automatically collect a consistent, high platelet count for each patient.​​

Restigen PRP from Owl Manor Veterinry
Owl Manor Veterinary Restigen PRP solution
Available in 30 ml and 60 ml

What's needed to process Restigen PRP (60ml Device)...

  • Owl Manor Centrifuge

  • Green (60 ml) Centrifuge Buckets

  • Blue (60 ml) Counterbalance - Adjustable or Solid

For blood draw:

  • ACD-A anti-coagulant

  • (1) 60-ml syringe (Luer-lock recommended)

  • (1) Butterfly catheter with 18-gauge apheresis needle


For Step 1 (following 1st spin)

  • (1) 30-ml syringe to draw / remove Platelet Poor Plasma 

  • (1) 10-ml (Luer-lock recommended) syringe to draw out PRP



Owl Manor Restigen PRP Device and Counterbalance
Restigen PRP Device and Blue 60 ml Counterbalance
Owl Manor Centrifuge
Restigen PRP Device and Blue 60 ml Counterbalance in Green Centrifuge Buckets 
Restigen PRP kit in sterile packaging
Restigen PRP Kit in sterile packaging