Owl Manor Centrifuge


All Owl Manor products are designed specifically to work with the Owl Manor Centrifuge

  • Swinging bucket design

  • Precise tolerance and clearance for Owl Manor products 


The Owl Manor Centrifuge is multi-functional with optional buckets and accessories available.

Centrifuge Pelican Travel Case 


Centrifuge Buckets

Green = 60 ml Devices including Pro-Stride

Purple = 30 ml Devices

Pro-Stride Counterbalance

(for 2nd spin - Pro-Stride system)

Solid 60-ml  Counterbalance

Adjustable 60-ml Counterbalance 

For Use in Green Centrifuge Buckets

Adjustable 30-ml Counterbalance

For Use in Purple Centrifuge Buckets

Optional Centrifuge Bucket

Blood Tubes

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